I’m Ranjit Saini.Admin

My mission is 3-pronged, to master Software Development, Self-Mastery and to contribute to the Open-Source.

Occasionally, I read and share notes from books I’ve read.

Recent Articles

Summary & Review: Nand to Tetris Part 1

The Nand-to-Tetris course teaches how to build a computer from primitive Nand gates. The second part teaches how to build a fully fledged High level programming language running the Hack computer built in the first part.

Adopting Pro mindset

Steven Pressfield is a profilic writer. I loved two of his books, ‘war of art’ and ‘do the work’. He writes in a poetic manner which makes it less practical. This post is an attempt towards synthesizing my understanding of what is a pro.

Course Review: How to code simple data

How to code simple data is based on the “How to Design Programs” book which is inspired by “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”. The course teaches Systematic programming design starting with basic program requirements.

Personal Experiments

Notes and conclusion from experiments.