Summary & Review: Nand to Tetris Part 1

The Nand-to-Tetris course teaches how to build a computer from primitive Nand gates. The second part teaches how to build a fully fledged High level programming language running the Hack computer built in the first part.

Adopting Pro mindset

Steven Pressfield is a profilic writer. I loved two of his books, ‘war of art’ and ‘do the work’. He writes in a poetic manner which makes it less practical. This post is an attempt towards synthesizing my understanding of what is a pro.

Course Review: How to code simple data

How to code simple data is based on the “How to Design Programs” book which is inspired by “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”. The course teaches Systematic programming design starting with basic program requirements.

Learning in Public

Learning is a long process . Recently, i read a post by Shawn Wang about learning in public. He argued about documenting your learning in public. Its one of the crucial advice I have read.

Installing Kanboard on Raspberry Pi

Kanboard is an open-source kanban based software. It is minimalistic in design with a lot of plugins available. I have used Kanboard for a week and found it to be useful for the side projects.

A review of Pi-Hole ad blocker after using for a week

Pi-Hole is a DNS sink server which blocks ads and malware based on the DNS resolution. It is light on resources and can be installed in Raspberry Pi. By default; it installs Lighttpd.

Thoughts On the Race of Reading more Books

The art of reading is an important skill from centuries. It can be a source of entertainment or a source to ideas leading to new discoveries. It’s wonderful to dive into the mind of Einstein or Socrates who lived centuries ago.

A list of Best Plugins for Dokuwiki

After successfully installing DokuWiki, next step is to install all the essential plugins. I use the following plugins. Must Have Plugins Backup plugin : a complete backup solution for DokuWiki.

How to configure Dokuwiki Farm and Animals on Raspberry Pi using Nginx

DokuWiki is a PHP based software for creating your own Wiki. There are alternatives such as TiddlyWiki , MediaWiki , and BookStack. There are other documentation solutions such as MkDocs which looks great accompanied with Material Design theme.

Most Important Takeaways from Learning How to Learn Course

“Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects” is a crucial course(most popular MOOC) which teaches you the effective techniques of the process of learning.