A Habit tracker System with weekly review

After exploring Systems thinking, I am trying to build a robust habit tracking system which is flexible to modify and can show the lag and lead measure habits.

Previously, i have tried Loop habit tracker but found it inflexible.

I found Google sheets to be excellent for this purpose.


  • There are two types of habits to track.
    • 1.Binary habits
      • Habits with a simple check-box.
      1. Metrics
      • Any habit that is a quantifiable (Number of units)
      • Number of push-ups in a day.
      • Pomodoros in a day.
  • A way to track progress.
    • Each habits needs a number of days per week.
    • A Daily dashboard to show today’s progress.
      • show Total habits completed
      • show total metric completed
    • A weekly review dashboard which shows the lagging habits.


How to measure progress

  • A weekly review which groups the habits according to their success rate.


You can download the Google sheets and clear the cells for your personal use.